Bradley Manning’s Lawyers Seek Dismissal of 22 Charges – Due to Torture-Like Conditions

Bradley Manning, the suspected WikiLeaks source, is seeking to call several military psychiatrists to testify that he was held in custodial conditions likened to torture against their professional advice.

Manning’s defense lawyers have lodged a motion with the military court in Fort Meade, Maryland requesting the appearance of seven medical and other experts at the next pretrial hearing scheduled for 1 October.

The defense team, led by civilian lawyer David Coombs, is trying to have all 22 charges against Manning thrown out of court on grounds that he was subjected to illegal pretrial treatment in violation of the constitutional prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.

Manning is accused of being responsible for the biggest leak of state secrets in US history. Hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables from US embassies around the world, as well as warlogs from Afghanistan and Iraq, were published by the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

After his arrest in May 2010 at a military base near Baghdad, the young soldier was held at the Quantico marine base in Virginia.

For a period of about eight months at Quantico, Manning was subjected to extraordinarily harsh conditions. This was done, the military claimed, for his own protection under a so-called “prevention of injury” order or POI.

Bradley Manning


12 Year Old Girl Tased at Victoria’s Secret – Mom Had Open Traffic Violations (Video)

Police state, anyone?  Are traffic violations really something that warrants arrest and tasering?  And the police always say their officers “acted accordingly” and back them up no matter what.  The police officials in charge of an officer who knocked on the wrong door and killed a man for answered with a gun did just that.

South St. Louis County (KSDK) - A police officer tased a 12-year-old girl inside a Victoria’s Secret Wednesday afternoon at South County Center.

Police say the officer came into the Victoria’s Secret looking for the teenager’s mom, who had warrants for her arrest. But it was the teen who got tased.

“This one goes in my chest. It was stuck in there so she had to keep on pulling trying to pull it out,” said Dejamon Baker, as she pointed to a small wound on her chest.

Baker has a matching wound on her stomach.

“I had fell on the floor and I couldn’t control myself I just kept on shaking and stuff,” said the girl.

Watch What Happens When Guns Are Banned

Since Australia’s ban of semi automatic and pump action rifles and shotguns, violent crime and crime with guns has gone up dramatically.

Governance: The Bypassing of Representative Government

Government is responsible for two things: setting policy, and enforcing that policy.

Representative government is being bypassed by the creation of unelected, unaccountable, non-transparent regional planning bodies that serve the interests of their so-called stakeholders rather than those of the People. This is done by usurping the policy-making authority of legitimate government. The politically correct term for this is governance, as contrasted to government.

In this paper, these bodies will be referred to as Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). In the USSR, they are referred to as soviets, hence the name the United Soviet Socialist Republic. They may also be called public-private partnerships (PPPs), the basis of fascism.

Everyone needs to know how this is being done, how to recognize it, and how to defeat it before it takes away our voices, property & property rights, prosperity, independence, and free will.

Governance / Federalism

The question arises as to how to handle problems that cross jurisdictional boundaries. At the founding of our country, this was handled by conventions of delegates at which issues of common concern were discussed and proposals developed. These proposals then went to their respective States for approval.

Ultimately, a permanent congress was created for this purpose. It grew into a national government. Under the Constitution, this national government was delegated certain limited powers to address issues of common concern, such as commerce and defense.

We have seen how the federal government ignored these imposed limits and eventually took over. This same model is being used to usurp representative government at every level.

The Creation of Non-Government “Governments”

The justification to create a NGO is to find or create one or more problems that cross jurisdictional boundaries.

The process is gradual. It begins by finding a cross-jurisdictional issue and creating a regional discussion group to consider it. This group evolves into a permanent council or association that engages in central planning. Eventually, this permanent group takes unto itself the power to make policy decisions.

As a consequence, democratically-elected governments are stripped of their policy making power, and become nothing more than shells to enforce the central plans created by the NGOs. Accountability, transparency, and representation are lost, and the People ignored in favor of special interests that typically gain power over, and financial benefits from, areas they don’t live in, pay taxes in, or suffer the consequences of.

Things that cross jurisdictional boundaries include commerce, transportation, plants, animals, and water. Fraudulent labeled endangered species are perfect for building NGOs. Salmon, for example, provide the excuse to take over entire river systems. Spotted owls provide the excuse to take control of entire forests. Buffalo provide the excuse to take control over private property, farmlands, communities, counties, and even states.

The bigger the problem the bigger the NGO. Justifying global government, for example, requires problems that span continents. How about air (carbon credits), water (oceans), and weather (global warming)?

By creating multiple overlapping NGOs, representative governments are made entirely irrelevant. Such is the case in Siskiyou County, for example, where property and water rights are under attack by the spotted owl listing, the coho salmon listing, forestry regulations, emerging controls over groundwater, and much more.

Jackson County, Oregon Wants to Ban Planting of GMO Crops, Farm Lobby Fights Back

Every county and state in America should be fighting against GM crops, since the Feds will likely never ban them.  California also has a ballot initiative that, if passed, would require all GM foods sold in the state to be labeled as such.

For more on GM companies like Monsanto, see the following films:

David Versus Monsanto
Patent for a Pig: The Big Business of Genetics
The World According to Monsanto


An effort to ban genetically modified crops in Jackson County has sparked a dispute over a proposed ballot initiative that would prohibit plants such as Roundup-tolerant beets and alfalfa.

The Jackson County Farm Bureau, which supports genetically engineered crops, took its battle to Jackson County Circuit Court on Monday, fighting to splice its own language into the ballot title.

The ballot title is an attempt to summarize a proposed ordinance created by the group GMO Free Jackson County that would ban genetically engineered crops in Jackson County.

“I’m not into the loaded term ‘outlaw,’ ” said Portland attorney John DiLorenzo, representing the farm bureau.

Following a state statute regarding ballot initiatives, the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office wrote the ballot title, which states the proposed ordinance seeks to “outlaw growing of genetically engineered plants, giving county and private persons authority to enforce violations.”

Eli Dumitru with GMO Free Jackson County also has challenged the language in the ballot title in Circuit Court and objected to many changes suggested by the farm bureau. GMO is the acronym for genetically modified organism.

Dumitru’s group claims genetically engineered plants already have contaminated local farms, endangering the livelihood of organic farmers in particular.

It is attempting to persuade Jackson County’s Board of Commissioners to put the initiative on the November ballot. If the group is unsuccessful, organizers say they will gather enough signatures to place it on the ballot in the primary or general election in 2014.

Circuit Court Judge Dan Harris is expected to write his own version of the ballot title by the end of next week after hearing from both sides on the issue.

DiLorenzo said the district attorney should have chosen neutral words to describe the proposed ordinance, such as “abolish” or “ban.”


Idaho Bilboard Compares Obama to Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes

The shooting in Colorado is a horrible tragedy – one that the media has shined a bright spotlight on.  But we know the establishment is using this incident as an opportunity to justify more police, more gun control, and more TSA agents invading our privacy.  It’s refreshing to see a group, the Ralph Smeed Foundation in Caldwell, Idaho, with the courage to compare our murderous, and ineffective foreign policy to an act of senseless, insane mass violence.  Will we ever leave Afghanistan under Obama, the supposed “anti-war” candidate?  In a war with undefined objectives for victory and no real benefit to the American people even if victory could be declared, is it really even a stretch to declare the proponents of this war as mass murderers?  Support our troops, and bring them home from these senseless wars!


CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) – A Caldwell billboard is raising questions in the Treasure Valley as it compares President Obama to accused Colorado killer, James Holmes.

The billboard on Franklin Road equates the actions of the president’s foreign policies to the acts of Holmes, who’s suspected of killing 12 people in the theater shooting.

The group that owns the board, The Ralph Smeed Foundation, says it wants to draw attention to military men and women dying overseas.

Does billboard comparing Obama to alleged shooter go too far?

Big Pharma Death Sentence – The ‘Chemputer’ That Could Print Any Drug

This is an absolutely fascinating story, from both a scientific and socioeconomic standpoint.  If you’re new to the concepts of 3D printing, see this page about an upcoming film about a man who “prints” houses.  The concept is simple.  Take a digital model of something using a 3D scanner, anything really, then manufacture a physical object using the model.  Just like scanning a flat image.  You can save the file, copy it, email it etc., and it acts as the digital “blueprint” for making another one just like it.

A group of researchers have come up with a way to manufacture drugs, or any chemical compound, using the 3D printing model:

Professor Lee Cronin is a likably impatient presence, a one-man catalyst. “I just want to get stuff done fast,” he says. And: “I am a control freak in rehab.” Cronin, 39, is the leader of a world-class team of 45 researchers at Glasgow University, primarily making complex molecules. But that is not the extent of his ambition. A couple of years ago, at a TED conference, he described one goal as the creation of “inorganic life”, and went on to detail his efforts to generate “evolutionary algorithms” in inert matter. He still hopes to “create life” in the next year or two.

At the same time, one branch of that thinking has itself evolved into a new project: the notion of creating downloadable chemistry, with the ultimate aim of allowing people to “print” their own pharmaceuticals at home. Cronin’s latest TED talk asked the question: “Could we make a really cool universal chemistry set? Can we ‘app’ chemistry?” “Basically,” he tells me, in his office at the university, with half a grin, “what Apple did for music, I’d like to do for the discovery and distribution of prescription drugs.”  Source


Hear that?  It’s the sound of the bell tolling for pharmaceutical companies and their monopoly on prescription drugs.  Lee Cronin is claiming that, instead of manufacturing physical objects, like plastic toys or manufactured goods, he can 3D print at the molecular level, making inorganic compounds from scratch with a relatively and inexpensive small machine.  Just as the spread of printers into people’s homes killed many companies in the office and picture printing industry, Cronin’s device, or another one implementing the same concept, could do the same to the likes of Merck, Allergan, GSK, etc.

He shows me the printer, a nondescript version of the £1,200 3D printer used in the Fab@Home project, which aims to bring self-fabrication to the masses. After a bit of trial and error, Cronin’s team discovered that it could use a bathroom sealant as a material to print reaction chambers of precisely specified dimensions, connected with tubes of different lengths and diameters. After the bespoke miniature lab had set hard, the printer could then inject the system reactants, or “chemical inks”, to create sequenced reactions.  Source

For the price of a few months grocery bill, everyday people could own a device that makes their drugs for them at home.  The chemicals necessary to make prescriptions at home would be prohibitively expensive, not to mention dangerous, but a local pharmacy or large doctor’s office could potentially own their own drug manufacturing lab and cut out the middle man, Big Pharma.  Researchers, doctors, and scientists could afford to run their own research labs without the need for pharmaceutical companies’ money – and the strings they attach to it, like turning a blind eye to dangerous drugs and USDA corruption.  All of this would revolutionize the cost, and safety, of medicine.  While drugs are not the answer for most problems (see story about Propecia causing permanent impotence!), some modern drugs do save lives and enhance people’s quality of life.

If a drug-making machine could be made small enough, safe enough, and affordable for practical use, Napster-like drug formula sharing sites might pop up, give everyday people access to patented drug company formulas, and force the drug companies to reduce prices further.  3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has the potential to unwind the whole system of centralized manufacturing and global economy that the Industrial Revolution created.  The 99% of people who are being forced into poverty by the current system of central-bank-caused inflation, centralized mass manufacturing, corrupt global political organizations, and unscrupulous multinational corporations would finally have the technology and systems necessary to end their debt, and political, enslavement.

Of course, 3D printing of drugs and other goods is years and innumerable hurdles away from reality.  Odds are, Big Pharma and other corporations will do everything in their power to keep these machines in their control, so heavily regulated, or promote media campaigns about the danger of people, or even local towns, making their own products and drugs.

For more on the greed and corruption within the pharmaceutical industry watch Gary Null’s new documentary The War on Health.



Audit the Fed Reality Check – Sen. Harry Reid Epic Flip Flop

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has been calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve System since 1987.  As late as 2010, during his reelection bid, he highlighted his long time efforts to gain transparency of the Fed.  But today, Harry Reid is vowing to never allow a vote in the Senate to audit the Fed, now that Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill (HR 459) has passed in the House with an overwhelming majority.  Why did Harry Reid suddenly change his mind?


Guns Sales Surging After Colorado Shooting – Citizens Fear New Gun Restrictions

DENVER — Firearms sales are surging in the wake of the Colorado movie massacre as buyers express fears about both personal safety and anti-gun lawmakers who might use the shooting to seek new weapons restrictions.

In Colorado, the site of Friday’s shooting that killed 12 and injured dozens of others, gun sales jumped in the three days that followed. The state approved background checks for 2,887 people who wanted to purchase a firearm — 25 percent more than the average Friday to Sunday period in 2012 and 43 percent more than the same interval the week prior.

Dick Rutan, owner of Gunners Den in suburban Arvada, Colo., said requests for concealed-weapon training certification “are off the hook.” His four-hour course in gun safety, required for certification for a concealed-weapons permit in Colorado, has drawn double the interest since Friday.

“What they’re saying is: They want to have a chance. They want to have the ability to protect themselves and their families if they are in a situation like what happened in the movie theater,” Rutan said.

Day-to-day gun sales frequently fluctuate, but the numbers also look strong outside of Colorado, too.

Seattle’s home county, King, saw nearly twice as many requests for concealed pistol licenses than the same timeframe a year ago. Florida recorded 2,386 background checks on Friday, up 14 percent from the week before. Oregon checks on Friday and Saturday were up 11 percent over the month prior. Four days of checks in California were up 10 percent month-to-month.

During the past decade, June and July have consistently been the slowest months for gun sales, according to FBI data.

Jay Wallace, who owns Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Ga., found that his sales on Saturday were up 300 percent from the same day a year ago — making it one of the best Saturdays his business has ever had. He said customers are often afraid when there’s a gun-related tragedy that some lawmakers might try and push through an anti-gun agenda.

“We shouldn’t let one sick individual make us forget and lose sight of freedoms in this country,” Wallace said.

British MPs Tell Barclays to Stop Fundraising for Mitt Romney

Why are foreigners allowed to contribute to American elections?  Corporations are so mulitnational that most have little loyalty to America – they are just lobbying for less regulations on their industry or government contracts.
Mitt Romney is in the UK for a fundraising dinner and to attend the Olympics

Mitt Romney is in the UK for a fundraising dinner and to attend the Olympics. Photograph: James Glover/Reuters

Barclays has privately distanced itself from its bankers’ donations to Mitt Romney, the US Republican presidential candidate, after its executives were accused in parliament of fundraising for political candidates instead of working to rebuild the public’s trust in the wake of the Libor-setting scandal.

Executives at Barclays have donated over $1m to Romney’s presidential campaign and will hand over more money on Thursday night at an exclusive fundraising dinner in a secret Mayfair location, where tickets cost between $50,000 and $75,000.

Romney arrived in the UK on Wednesday for a series of meetings with David Cameron and other political figures before attending two fundraising events and the Olympics this weekend.

An early-day motion (EDM) signed by 11 MPs last week demanded the bank and its directors stop working to bolster Romney’s election campaign war chest and concentrate on repairing confidence and trust in the banking system instead.

But in a letter to the signatories of the motion, Cyrus Ardalan, a vice-chairman of Barclays and head of the UK and European government relations, said the bank was not a supporter of the presidential hopeful.

“I … would like to clarify that all political activity undertaken by Barclays’ US employees, including personal fundraising for specific candidates, is done so in a personal capacity, and not on behalf of Barclays,” he wrote.

“Barclays is politically non-partisan, makes no political donations nor seeks to influence the political activities of its employees.”

The EDM, whose primary sponsor was Grahame Morris MP, criticised the fact that the recently departed Barclays chief executive, Bob Diamond, and other existing senior Barclays executives have played a prominent role in fundraising efforts for the Romney campaign.