Mother Who Questions Vaccine at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away

This story is appalling, and the worst part is we know this happens often.  Newborns are snatched away from mothers at hospitals and in assembly-line fashion, given all kinds of invasive tests and vaccinations without parental approval.  Or, if the approval is given, it’s right after a mother has gone through the stressful birth process, and the hospital team pressures her by telling her the baby is in danger.  Ricki Lake made a good film (kind of graphic) about this process called The Business of Being Born. It’s a must see for expecting couples before they make birthing decisions.  What kind of nation do we have when we allow the government to take our children from us seconds after they are born?

I am having a great deal of trouble typing this post.  I am so upset and outraged over what was done to Jodi Ferris and her baby at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania shortly after she gave birth that I am having difficulty staying composed enough to write a coherent story.

If you recall, this is the same area of the state where officials allowed a serial child molester like Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, to go free for decades and continue to abuse children unfortunate enough to come across his lecherous path while a mother who gives birth in a government hospital has her baby taken away for questioning whether vaccination with Hep B is truly necessary.

Does something seem very very wrong with this picture?

Jodi and Scott Ferris’ Story

Jodi had hoped to have a homebirth.  After going into labor early and given the distance to the nearest hospital, Jodi and her husband Scott were advised by their midwife to call an ambulance and get to the hospital.

Jodi and Scott’s baby girl was born in the ambulance in the parking lot of Hershey Medical Center.  Attending personnel at the government run facility took charge of “Annie” and Jodi very quickly.

Jodi was unable to see and hold Annie after the birth and hospital personnel were totally unresponsive when she continued to inquire about her newborn.   Jodi was also given an injection of oxytocin without first being told what it was.  Hospital personnel only inquired whether she was allergic after the injection was given.

Jodi’s persistent inquires about Annie continued to go unheeded.  She was simply told that “she is in good hands and you’ll be able to see her soon”.

Finally, a doctor told Jodi that Annie had scored a 9 out of 10 on the APGAR test given to newborns which was very good considering that an 8 or above indicates a healthy child.

A short time later, a different doctor told Jodi that Annie was very sick and would need to stay in the hospital.  This doctor also arrogantly indicated his dislike for midwives with the comment “too many people think they know what they’re doing”.

About an hour after being told Annie was very sick, Annie was finally brought to Jodi.  She was told Annie was doing well and would be able to go home shortly.

Baby Detained at Hospital For No Medical Reason

A few hours later, the story changed yet again as another hospital staffer told Jodi and Scott that Annie would have to remain in the hospital for 48-72 hours for observation.

When they inquired why, they were told that the “law” required Annie to stay for at least 48 hours.

There is no such law in Pennsylvania, by the way.

After consulting with risk management about why Annie had to stay at the hospital, it was admitted that even though Annie was fine and there was no reason she couldn’t go home, she was being held prisoner at the hospital for 48-72 hours not for any health reasons but out of concern that if anything went wrong after Annie was discharged that the hospital might get sued.

Hospital risk management ultimately relented and said a 24 hour waiting period was sufficient and that Jodi and Scott could stay with their baby overnight.

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  • Jon A. Rictin

    I lifted this from another site and found it spot on:

    Medical tyranny/medical freedom is one of the most important issues facing our society in a system rapidly spiraling out of control.
    We really need to back off the vaccine protocol and allow freedom of choice (also known historically as informed consent). But first they must do ethical testing because their presently controlled system is murdering and maiming a huge number of people.
    The level of absolute criminality in the vaccine program and medical tyranny is at a critical juncture. Obamacare merely makes this much, much worse because it prevents you from avoiding the criminals.
    And, of course, the captured Supreme Court does whatever it can to further corrupt our society and the tenets of freedom which are the hallmark of a great society.

    • AmericaFirst

      Thanks, John for that great comment and links. If we follow the money, we’ll find that Big Pharma is pushing these vaccines on doctors. I’m a proponent of the free market, but Big Pharma is in bed with our government, so we aren’t seeing a true free market with vaccines. The good story here is just that, the story! We have people on America First and thousands of other sites discussing issues that wouldn’t be open to us without the internet.

  • It is very important that parents planning a home birth know the protocols of their local hospital, just in case they need to transport they will have an idea of what to expect, Also when interviewing Midwives, ask them what will happen if they do need transport. This is the only way to truly give ‘informed consent’. As a Child Birth Educator & Midwife, I have assisted couples in the local hospitals who wanted to have as natural birth as possible in the hosp. This gave me a clear view of what the hosp. protocols are and I could then give my clients the info they needed to be aware in the hosp. I always stay with my clients when transport is necessary and all the OB’s know me and trust when I speak up as an advocate for my client, stating what the mom wants or more importantly does not want in the hosp setting. Of course when it’s a true ER, I know this and I can help the mom/parents understand the actions of staff.

  • justin

    these people are criminals

    • AmericaFirst

      Yes, and the worst part is that they think they are doing the right thing. It’s not one thing that’s caused this situation. It’s the public schools, the universities, urbanization (people moving away from the land and losing touch with more natural ways), and of course the TV.

  • if i was the parent, i’d give the hospital their worst fear. i would sue them for kidnapping and child abuse. no baby should be separated from its mother. that is totally inappropriate. and there are enough bits of evidence to hang them… well, not literally ‘hang’ them, but enough evidence of disparity from one story to another, to make them look very bad and make them think hard before separating another mother and child. fear of a lawsuit is a wretched excuse for separating mother and child. i’m glad the baby was not really sick and i hope they all get out of the hospital in good shape. thank god it was not a baby boy, or you know what they would have done to him in a remote, soundproof room. i am appalled by modern medicine. its heard has so hardened, that it needs a heart transplant.

  • wild bill

    The hospital recommended five pertussis shots for my premature baby. I said NO.

    The 28 year old nurse’s assistant then openly wondered, in an attempt to shame into compliance, why we would refuse to protect our child from such a serious disease.

    When I inquired I was told that the chance of getting the disease was about 1/35,000 without the vaccine. After the vaccine, which is 15% effective the chance is reduced to about 1/233,000.

    I asked if pertussis was treatable? Yes it is. What is the mortality rate? Not high. 10,000 per year.

    I told them we would skip this vaccine.

    But they managed to inject my baby with something, obviously against my will. I fear that they gave her the psychopathic problem.

    What they actually do to the babies is so far beyond the mental range for acceptance… that probably few reading here would believe it.

    If you can have your baby at home you should.

  • Rick

    I would suggest that midwives (and mothers to be)consider having a known lawyer on call so if a case goes bad like this in th hospital… you have an advocate with teeth to bite back at hospital

  • Rain on the fallen

    I just want to say that if anyone were to burn this hospital down.I’d be fine with it.Animals don’t need hospitals,only animals fall to such a level where the government can just take children like that.Before you wind up a bourka wearing bitch in the middle east,you might think about that.Or not.The sheep belong in hell with the garbage that assumes its god.Go there.

  • Jack

    Hospitals. Who needs em? Really. Just a doctor’s office would do just fine.

  • Tina

    The medical, dental and pharmaceutical industries are likely among the biggest industries we have in the west. Enormous amounts of money are being made by doctors, researchers, universities, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.
    This industry has power over research, legislation, the FDA and AMA simply because there is so much money involved.

    Just take the vaccination industry for an example. There is no other country were infants are injected with so many vaccines during the first months of their lives.
    Even though there are many controversies about this because the long term effects are simply not known, your doctor and his nurse will tell you how good this is for your child. Meanwhile some families who’s children have been seriously injured by vaccinations (autism being only one of the side effects) are quietly paid off.

    A hospital is riddled with germs and focused on crisis, the worst place to bring a new being onto our Earth.

  • Pauly

    The country is a hell-hole.

  • Carolina

    As someone who has specialized in neonatal pediatrics for years, I found this story hard to swallow. We’re not getting told the entire picture.

    For one thing, the only reason you would be able to take an infant from the parents is with a police-hold for something like suspected incest or drugs in the baby’s system.

    • AmericaFirst

      There are two sides to every story, for sure. It’s possible that overly stressed and protective parents have exaggerated a bit. Even leaving room for that, it’s a sad story.

  • Rod

    If they had tried to take my kid I would have done a Rambo on the place.


    praralyzed from flu shot!!

    There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack pf influenza The producers of these vaccines, (and I bet the docs profitting from them) know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway. Said..Dr Anthony Morris, former chief Vaccine control Officer and research virologist, UDS FDA, 2012.

    Vax is one of the biggest medical frauds.

  • reggie

    I was induced with my long time friend OBGyn at a hospital I loved and trusted 3 years ago. The hospital has since been taken over by Banner groups. They are everywhere and work for the socialist gov. Anyhow, long story short, I refused the vaccines for the baby in the paperwork before anything was even administered to me. The nurse who gave me the paperwork to sign asked me why I refused. I told her that I was educated on vaccines and did not want to risk the health of my child. Well the diatrabe started and she was beside herself with anger. She returned with refusal sheets and a TON of garbage she pulled off the web stating that I was risking the health of my baby. Then when I read the refusal sheets she had hand written in how I stated that I was educated on the risks of vaccinations and then hand wrote in basically what a horrible mother I was…lol. Anyhow, I called her to my bedside and said to her, “Did you really think all that was necessary?” She said that she was covering herself and I basically told her that it was sad she was so uneducated with the risks OF vaccinations and is an RN. I told her,”Well you won’t mind that I refuse to sign any of this without my own little hand written report now won’t you?” She walked off huffing and puffing and I wrote that I was educated on HOW DANGEROUS it was to administer vaccinations into my childs body and felt that I would not be doing my child justice and love of a parent to inject toxins that have been proven to cause health side effects at such an early state in life ect…..” It was quite a show however, I had a very very difficult labor and was in labor for a whole entire shift and she was back the next morning assisting my doctor, who knows me. I was pushing for 2hrs straight and finally gave birth. The baby broke her collar bone coming out and I was out of it totally. Someone asked me if I wanted a little something for the pain but I honestly do not remember saying anything… My husband was instructed to stay with the baby and not let her out of his sight which he did. I just remember all of a sudden feeling like I was losing my mind and asked what was given to me. My husband inquired to the witch nurse and she snapped at him that she gave me a narcotic for the pain and that I had nodded to her that I wanted something!!!!!! I was so out of it I felt like I was going to die. I demanded that they give me something to reverse the effect and this I do remember; she said, “There is NOTHING to reverse the effect..You just have to wait it out!” I told my husband to get rid of her and I don’t remember anything after that. He did assure me that he kept the baby with him the whole time and no one touched her with any needles. It was a horrible experience!!!!!

  • WakeUp

    Well, you know this is exactly what rightwingers do to single mothers in hospitals. All of you have set a trap called adoption-and adoption exists because christians refuse to be forgiving and are a bunch of money grubbers. The horrible churches and the horrible social workers forced single pregnant women into maternity prisons during the Baby Scoop Era, told some of them their babies were dead when they weren’t and sold them to infertile couples, lied to the baby about the day they were born when they were older and told them their mother did not want them. This corruption still goes on today and most adoptive parents DO NOT honor the open adoption agreement and take off with the child, which hurts theiological and the adoptee TERRIBLY. Mothers who just gave birth if they naively contacted an adoption agency when pregnant are NOT allowed to change their minds after they are holding their newborns becuase potential adoptive paernts and social workers who work for an adoption agency are nothing less than wolves on a lamb. The manipulation, the threats, the cutting down of the real mother to get her baby is beyond DIGUSTING and should be illegal. Add to that the deniel of adoptees their real birth certificates and the barbariac child abusive act of closed adoption records, and gee, seems a little Orwellian huh? I am neither left wing or right but it KILLS me sometimes how rightwingers NEVER see that what they complain about the left doing to them, they have and still do to their own. And birth mother privacy is a lie btw, made up byt child molestor, social worker Georgia Tann that right wind barren couples eat up like cheesecake, So before all you christians and rightwingers continue to complain about how you are being treated, LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR.

  • rjn

    WakeUp, please drop dead. You are full of it.