Repeal and REPLACE Obamacare? Anti-Obamacare Movement Being Subverted by Romney


6 big ideas for Obamacare repeal and replace

Romney wants us to “Believe in America.”  The only thing left to believe in is that you don’t have a choice for real change in the 2012 election – at least not at the presidential level.  Or maybe we can believe that Romney, despite his wealth and success in the business world, has sold out to monied interests?  See: Dark Money: Will Secret Spending by a Group of Billionaires Decide the 2012 Election?

Opposition to Obamacare provided much of the fuel that set grassroots conservatism afire with Tea Party movement.  For a while, it appeared that the Tea Party had succeeded in pushing the establishment right towards a saner, America First platform of individual liberty, reduced spending, and the repeal of Obamacare.  Now, the apparent GOP presidential nominee, and by default the leader of the “opposition” to Obamacare, Mitt Romney is calling for us to not only repeal, but also “replace” Obamacare.  Replace with what?  A slightly less intrusive government healthcare scheme?  A slightly less expensive plan that will bring about the collapse of the dollar and the US economy a few years later?

Now, Paul Ryan, the media-appointed “Tea Party Republican,” is chanting Repeal and Replace right alongside Romney.  Immediately following the 5-4 Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare, Paul Ryan released this statement:

Today’s decision strengthens the case for repeal and replace. With the right leadership in place, I am confident we can advance real health care solutions for the American people.

To top it off, another Tea Party darling, Sarah Palin, just appeared on Fox News:

“First on the list of priorities must be repealing and replacing Obamacare with something that makes more sense,” she said.

Who’s left opposing the federal government’s role in health care?  Ron Paul?  He’s retiring.  Rand Paul?  After his recent endorsement of Romney, it wouldn’t surprise many for him to come out in support of government health care.

It seems we must fight back against Obamacare from the state level.  States have the power to nullify federal laws, and if that fails, to secede.  See State Nullification vs. Federal Supremacy.


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