Seeing Through Walls With a Wireless Router

In the 1930s, U.S. Navy researchers stumbled upon the concept of radar when they noticed that a plane flying past a radio tower reflected radio waves. Scientists have now applied that same principle to make the first device that tracks existing Wi-Fi signals to spy on people through walls.

Wi-Fi radio signals are found in 61 percent of homes in the U.S. and 25 percent worldwide, so Karl Woodbridge and Kevin Chetty, researchers at University College London, designed their detector to use these ubiquitous signals. When a radio wave reflects off a moving object, its frequency changes—a phenomenon called the Doppler effect. Their radar prototype identifies frequency changes to detect moving objects. It’s about the size of a suitcase and contains a radio receiver composed of two antennas ­and a signal-processing unit. In tests, they have used it to determine a person’s location, speed and direction—even through a one-foot-thick brick wall. Because the device itself doesn’t emit any radio waves, it can’t be detected.

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FDA Approved Ingestible Microchip Tracking Device

The Food and Drug Administration has approved an ingestible digital senor that can track physical health with the assertion that patients are not taking their medication regularly and need a tracking device inside their body to assist them in their medical care. The mainstream medical industry has a term for this new type of spying: individualized medicine.

Proteus Digital Health (PDH) released the Ingestion Event Marker (IEM) which was first approved in Europe. George Savage, co-founder and chief medical officer at PDH claims that this ushers in a new era of digital medicine that “shifts the paradigm.”

The IEM, as small as a grain of sand, can be embedded in a pill, and ingested to monitor the patient and their bodily health. The device will collect measurements such as heart rate, body position and activity. The IEM sends a signal to your smartphone; which then transmits the data to your doctor. Actual real time data about your biological make-up can be uploaded wirelessly.

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Peter Schiff’s Latest Video: Phony GDP Growth, Farm Subsidies, Sub-Prime Auto Loans

What if government inflation figures are wrong?

Peter Schiff

Ron Paul on CNBC’s Closing Bell, 8/1/12

Reality Check: Is Congress The Real Source Of Postal Service Problems?

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the U.S. Postal Service is dealing with major financial problems… many of which have been caused by Congress.

Congressman Ron Paul’s Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul’s floor speech against Iran Sanctions bill on August 1, 2012.


CNBC Admits We Are All Slaves to Central Bankers!

“I think that right now the question is, do we all work for the Central Bankers?  That’s what I want to address to our guests tonight.  Is this global governance at last, is this one world, with central bankers in charge?

Jim Iouro: “We are absolutely slaves to the central bankers.”

The whole panel agrees, we are beholden to the policies of the central bankers.  4 minutes of honesty about our debt enslavement.  Spread to friends and family who only believe something if it comes from a talking head in the media!

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free – Goethe.  Recognition of our debt enslavement is the first step towards freedom.


For more on the central banking scam, I suggest watching the great documentary Money as Debt.

Innocent Man Spends Four Months in Jail after Rochester, NY Police Officers Lie Under Oath

Imagine for a moment, driving in your car, down the street, and coming to a stop sign. Then, as you proceed, you are pulled over by police officers.

When you ask them why they stopped you, they reply that you failed to come to a complete stop.

But you did.

You know you did.

And you know they are lying.

That’s exactly what happened to Rochester, NY resident Jeramie Barideaux in July of 2011, on the corner of Conkey Avenue and Avenue D, after he came to a complete stop.

Rochester, NY Police officers Rob Osipovitch and Ryan Hartley, falsely accused Mr. Barideaux of failing to come to a complete stop in order to have a reason to pull him over.

But thanks to the power of video, Osipovitch and Hartley never stopped to think that City of Rochester traffic cameras were recording the whole incident.

And that the video recorded their lie.

After the illegal stop and search of Mr. Barideaux’s vehicle, the Rochester Police Department claims that the officers found drugs and a weapon.

After spending four months in jail, Monroe County Court Judge Daniel Doyle dismissed all charges against Barideaux.

In his decision to dismiss the charges, Judge Doyle said “it was an unreasonable stop… based on the review of the video, there’s no ambiguity at all that a car being operated by Jeramie Barideaux did come to a complete stop before the police stopped the vehicle.”

On Thursday July 19, 2012 a lawsuit was filed in the Monroe County Clerk’s office.

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Also recommended: These Streets Are Watching – These Streets are Watching is a 50 minute video on police accountability in three communities; Denver, Cincinnati and Berkeley.  The video documents incidents of possible police brutality.  The film is divided into sections that explain citizen’s basic rights, tactics for documenting police activity and ideas for further action and organizing.

Global QE Is Coming: Let the Gold Mania Begin!

In my last article I commented on Japan’s coming debt time bomb (Massive Japanese Debt Monetization is Coming, Yen to be Devalued), in which I made the case that Japan had a tremendous amount of their debt maturing over the next three years and that the Bank of Japan was likely to monetize much of it and weaken the Yen as a result. Since then I’ve dug a bit deeper and taken a look at the top 10 debtor nations of the world to see if they too had a large portion of their total outstanding debt maturing in the near future. What I found startled me: Nearly 50% of the total outstanding debt of the world’s top 10 debtor nations needs to be rolled over by the end of 2015.

While fears over a European contagion and a hard landing in China have driven investors into sovereign debt like the U.S. and Japan, how long can this continue and will investor demand for sovereign debt be able to soak up the total supply over the next few years? It is my belief that global central banks will be the buyers of last resort and will be monetizing the debt in massive quantities over the next two and half years. This may perhaps be the catalyst leading to the mania phase for gold as investors all over the world attempt to protect themselves from global quantitative easing and global currency debasement.

The Top 10 Debtor Nations

While the world is currently focused on Spain and Italy as seen by 5-year credit default swap insurance north of 500 basis points (costs $500K annually to protect $10M worth of debt from default), the picture for the other countries that make up the top 10 debtor nations in the world is not much brighter. For example, while Italy has a debt-to-GDP ratio of 120%, Japan takes the top spot with 208%; and while Italy currently has a budget deficit relative to GDP of -3.9%, the US is far worse with a -8.10%. In fact, of the top 10 debtor nations half of them have budget deficits of more than 5% relative to GDP and 7 of the 10 have debt-to-GDP ratios at or exceeding 80%. As the table below highlights, the sovereign debt crisis is not a Euro phenomenon but a GLOBAL issue. (Note: debt tables that follow include only debt held by the public, excluding inter-governmental holdings.)

top ten debtors

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Does the Fed Really Monetize Government Debt?

If monetizing debt is understood to mean printing money to pay for government deficits, then the Fed is guilty.

The basics are quite simple.  The federal government issues and the Fed buys interest-bearing debt certificates.  The Fed pays for these securities by creating digits on a computer that represent dollars.  In this Age of Ron Paul, more people are learning that the digits do not represent savings borrowed from the public.  The Fed is not a financial intermediary; it is a money factory.  And while factories under capitalism produce for the benefit of the masses, this factory cranks out dollars for the politically-favored, to the detriment of the masses.   The Fed is thus an anti-capitalist, anti-free market institution.  The 12 members of the FOMC decide how much money they need and create the digits on-the-fly, from nothing.  The idea of Bernanke or other Fed chairmen printing money is a metaphor, but an accurate one.  It’s simply more convenient for the Fed to create digits than to print money.

It might be objected that this is not the equivalent of printing money because fiat money is not an interest-bearing asset.  By purchasing government bonds, the argument runs, the Fed collects interest from the Treasury, thus providing an additional windfall for the central bank, which also collects the principal.  The government would’ve been better off issuing a service order to itsmoney factory” and having it print the amount demanded and avoid the interest payments.  In other words, instead of Bernanke creating digits, have Geithner create them.

Simply printing money to pay one’s debts, though, even when done by a legitimate government, runs the risk of being seen as such.  Even eight-year-olds know a counterfeiter is a crook who prints money then spends it.  It’s always possible kids today would survive government schools to adulthood, still believing the emperor is stark naked, and that could lead to revolution.  Most adults, of course, have little interest in where money comes from as long as it buys things at the mall, and most economists have a habit of not biting the hand that feeds them, and thus lend support for an “independent” Fed.

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